Do you know why FINS food is best!? Spring is a time for renewal, growth, & good energy. That’s why we want to share with you why all of our food at FINS is good & good for you, Also, some of the ways we have improved so many of our great menu items and how FINS cares about you and the environment! CHICKEN: FINS uses Harvestland chicken (a Perdue company) that is free range; antibiotic, steroid & hormone free. STEAK: We use grass-fed flank steak. It’s tender, lower in fat, & contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 compared to grain fed beef … Continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us at FINS!   St. Patrick’s Day means it’s almost Spring, And with the weather we’ve been having we sure can’t wait for it!   With winter still on our weather reports we know there is one thing to brighten up your St. Patty’s feast! Let FINS bring a little sunshine of the Caribbean and Pacific Islands to your celebration!   At FINS we’re used to infusing flavors from different Islands, that’s what makes us unique! From our islands to yours, we’re ready to bring you the luck of the Islands.     … Continue reading

Hot sauce is red, Sometimes it’s green, Tacos are good, With rice & beans   I’ll share a smoothie with you Or a Hawaii 5-0 Valentine’s at FINS Is the way to go!   I’ll love you from A All the way through Z Whether you eat-in Or get delivery…   On the beach, on the couch, with your loved one or friends, when you order from FINS Summer never ends.                     March 14th – FINS Fantasy Surf League starts again!  JOIN NOW, WIN BIG! (Can not be done on Mobile … Continue reading

The Surfrider Foundation, The Environmental Club, & The American Littoral Society are looking for volunteers of ALL ages to help plant dune grass in Bradley Beach on January 28th @ 10:30AM. On the day of the event FINS will be giving 25% off to ALL Volunteers!!! DID YOU KNOW? Sand dunes serve an important purpose by protecting inland areas from coastal water intrusion.  Joe Vietri, Director of Coastal and Storm Risk Management for the Army Corps of Engineers stated in the New York Times after Hurricane Sandy that the dunes proved vital in protecting boardwalks, people’s homes, and blunting the storm overall. “The difference was … Continue reading

Everyone at FINS wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas & a happy and healthy NEW YEAR! DID YOU KNOW? December 21st is the Winter Solstice & the shortest day of the year. Each year more than 3 billion cards are sent in the U.S. alone. All the gifts in the Twelve Days of Christmas would equal 364 gifts. Most of Santa’s reindeer have male-sounding names, such as Blitzen, Comet, and Cupid. However, male reindeers shed their antlers around Christmas, so the reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh are likely to be female. Christmas trees usually grow for about 15 years before … Continue reading

It’s Autumn again! A wonderful time of changing leaves, leisure dog walks on the beach, crisp air, and hot delicious soup! FINS’ Bajan Blend Soup – Black Bean & Pepper Jack Tortilla Soups) Did you know… Fall is the best time to surf along the Jersey Shore. As hurricane season makes its journey to the East Coast it brings the heavier swells and the right winds. Be sure to wax up your boards, unpack your 2 mil wetsuits as the waters begin to get colder, and keep an eye on the surf cams so you never miss a swell. Fall … Continue reading

Well, here we are! Our last “Hoorah” for the summer! Everyone at FINS wishes you and your families a fun and relaxing weekend! We’d also like to thank our awesome staffs for all their hard work since Memorial Day. Did you know… The first celebrated US Labor Day was on Tuesday, September 5, 1882 in New York City, planned by the Central Labor Union. 10,000 Union workers marched from City Hall to 42nd St. where they met with their families and enjoyed picnics, live music, and speeches. The idea that one can’t wear “white after Labor Day,” became the popular … Continue reading

ALOHA, It’s been a great summer for us at FINS so far, and we have our great customers and staff to thank for that. But, it’s not over! Everyone knows August is the best summer month. Don’t believe us? We can prove it! Let’s start by reminding you that Augusts’ average temperatures are in the 80’s. Ocean temperatures are also perfect and fire flies light up your walkway. Now, by this time in the summer game you’ve settled into the daily routine of grilling every meal, you’ve also come to discover that ice cream is perfectly acceptable to eat for lunch, movie nights … Continue reading

ALOHA, All of us at FINS want to wish you and your family a relaxing Independence Day WEEKEND! On July 4th, 1776 The United States adopted the Declaration of Independence, drafted by Thomas Jefferson. However, John Adams always thought celebrations should take place on July 2nd, the day it was voted in by the Continental Congress, so he never showed up to the festivities on the 4th. It is thought that, as early as 200 A.D., the Chinese had already stumbled upon a sort of natural firecracker: They would roast bamboo, which explodes with a bang when heated due to … Continue reading

ALOHA, DADS…are awesome – for so many reasons! For teaching us all the tricks. For parenting hacks. For sending the best texts. And, for always having our backs. Join FINS’ Fantasy Surf League! WIN BIG! (Can not be done on Mobil Site) Register FREE @ Once registered go to the “Clubs” tab and select “Public Clubs” Search ‘FINS Fantasy Surfer’ into the search bar Select “Join Club” under “Actions” and you are all set! How to Play Every player starts off with a $50,000,000 Salary Cap. Each surfer in the contest is worth a certain value. Create a team of surfers … Continue reading