Pineapple Express!!!

Ahh Pineapple, the fruit we love just got even better!!


Pineapples contain bromelain which helps in dissolving proteins.


Bromelain not only helps in making meat tender, but also helps in fighting against inflammation. Thus it prevents blood clot formation and also reduces inflammation associated with arthritis.


Pineapples have got lots of soluble fibers.

Being fruits they are digested quickly. But this flavorful snack with its fibers will give you a refreshed feeling.


It is an ideal drink to have before a massage.


People who suffer from urinary stones should take pine apple juice regularly.


Pineapple juice is good for people who work out on regular basis for long hours.


Pineapple can reduce sprains and strains.


Come into FINS today for your daily dose of PINEAPPLE!!!!

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