Reno Abelliro & Buttons Kaluhiokalani @ FINS!

Surfing Legends!

Buttons and Reno

will be at FINS in Bradley Beach

@ 7pm on September 13, 2012!!!!


Buttons Kaluhiokalani was born March 30th, 1958, to a military father and a Hawaiian mother.¬† At age 7, Buttons learned to surf in Waikiki following the lead of his Uncle Buddy, a Vietnam Vet who rode a 10 log at “Ins and Outs.” By age 9, Buttons and his brother were each carrying one end of the 10 board, hoisting it over their heads as they made their way to the beach.


Buttons came of age during a very exciting time in surf history, when everything was new and surfers were pushing the limits of waveriding and surfboard design. During this time, Buttons’ best friend was Mark Liddell. A local Beach Boy, Zoobadee Lau, would take him and his friends to contests around the Island. Buttons’ major influences were Larry Bertelmann and Ben Aipa. Soon, Buttons found himself in the company of the influential people who helped shape modern surfing, and he surfed with them every day.


During the 70s Buttons really perfected the progressive style of surfing he is so well known for. Uncle Eddie Rothman calls him “the Innovator of Modern Day Surfing.” Buttons was the first to perform a carving 360 on film. A true Style Master, Buttons is renowned for his pocket surfing, switch foot and skateboard inspired maneuvers.

Reno Abelliro was born 1950 in Honolulu, Hawaii, learned to surf at age 4. He received his first board at age 11 and won the juniors division of the prestigious Makaha International 5 years later

a win at the 1966 Hawaiian Noseriding Contest, earning him $200 in what is acknowledged as Hawaii’s first professional contest.

At just 18 years old, he sent a shock through the surfing world with a high velocity, avant guard performance, riding a relatively miniature Brewer model faster and more radically than anyone else at the World championships in puerto rico.

He won the Hawaii state title and placed second in the Duke Kahanomoku all the while putting in memorable free surfing performances all over the North Shore. His career reached a zenith on Thanksgiving Day, 1974 when he won the Smornoff pro.

In the mid seventies Reno rapidly became recognized as one of the hottest surfers on the North Shore alongside Jeff Hakman, Barry Kanaiaupuni, Gerry Lopez, and Eddie Aikau; especially at huge Pipeline and Sunset.Reno Abellira learned to build surfboards from Hawaiian legend Dick Brewer and eventually worked for Lightening Bolt surfboards.
At 40 years old, he was invited to surf in the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau in conditions at Waimea

Free-surfing artist; driven competitor; shaper; and celebrated winner of arguably the greatest surf contest ever held.




FINS – Bradley Beach
Come meet Buttons & Reno  September 14th @ 7pm

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