We Honor Our Soliders

Memorial Day is a time to remember, honor & give thanks to the many men, woman & their families who have sacrificed & bravely fought to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy.

Below are excerpts from Army Officer Deborah Y. Parker’s Memorial Day Speech on May 26, 1997 to honor all those that came before her.  

“The founders of the United States understood that the military would be the rampart from which America would guard its freedom. George Washington once stated, ‘By keeping up in Peace a well-regulated and disciplined militia, we shall take the fairest and best method to preserve for a long time to come the happiness, dignity and Independence of our country…’

Why are we so seemingly willing to fight and, if need be, to die? The answer to that question is as simple — and yet as complex — as the soul of America itself. We fight because we believe. Not that war is good, but that sometimes it is necessary. Our soldiers fight and die not for the glory of war, but for the prize of freedom.  

And, the heart of America is freedom, for ourselves and all nations willing to fight for it. Yes, the price is high, but freedom is a wealth no debt can encumber.

So, we choose to remember the past because the payment for forgetfulness is dear — sacrifice, service, duty … and many times, injury and death paid by gallant, heroic men and women. Only fools would elect to forget so expensive a lesson.”

(George Washington takes command of the first Continental Army, as the first Commander-in-Chief, in 1775.)

To all of our past & present Service Men & Woman

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The minimum enlistment age to enter into the First Continental Army (established on June 14th, 1775) was 16 years old, or 15 with parental consent.

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