A Super Spring Equinox

Dear Jennifer,

Now that Daylight Savings time has come

and we have set our clocks ahead,

we can also look towards what’s coming…Spring!

Mark those calendars because on March 20th it will be officially in
full affect.

This year, Spring is bringing with it a special surprise!

On the morning of March 20th, the moon will cover the sun, blocking out up to 98% of its light

The biggest solar eclipse in Britain since 1999 will be even more special than first thought – because the night before there will be a Supermoon, meaning that the Earth and the Moon will be as close together as they possibly can be.

This makes the 2015 Spring Equinox Eclipse a supermoon eclipse, which means a supermoon, equinox and eclipse will all fall on the same day!

This will give rise to HIGHER TIDES in the days surrounding our 2015 Spring Equinox!




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