Shark Thoughts

Looking to be another FANTASTIC Weekend at The Jersey Shore!!!!!

With Shark Week just finished up & the world premier of Sharknado III!

Sharks are getting lots of attention this summer – Both positive and negative
All of us who love the ocean, should always be, not only cognizant and aware,
but respectful of our ocean friends.
Sharks have evolved over thousands of years to become the perfect apex predator and are at the top of the food chain in the ocean.

Sharks play an important role in keeping the populations of other fish healthy
and in proper proportion for their ecosystem.

Since Jack Casey, of the Sandy Hook Marine Labs,
theorized the Great White nursery a few miles off the coast of Sandy Hook and  the New York Bight area in the 1960s,
there has been an increase of juvenile Great Whites in these areas since the 1990’s.

Although, we know these juveniles and the mother Whites
can withstand a wide range of water temperatures
they do migrate south come the colder months,
but it is unsure where they migrate too (APP).

This past week
Three-time World Champion Surfer Mick Fanning was “investigated” by a Great White shark at the J-Bay Final off the coast of South Africa; luckily unhurt.
Mick Fanning and fellow finalist Julian Wilson, who came to aid during the attack, split the win (WSL).

Watch the footage by clicking the ‘Play Button’ below.

And remember – Sharks are our friends – but like most of us, they can be a little cranky when a stranger enters their home uninvited.


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