FINS Fantasy Surfer

FINS is Proud to Announce Our Second Season of Fantasy Surfing!
The First Contest of the year starts March 10th on the Gold Coast of Australia.
All 3 FINS Locations will be streaming the contests LIVE throughout the Season.
Prizes Awarded for Highest Score of Each Contest.
*Grand Prize* goes to the Player with the Most Points at the End of the Season.
No Commitment Necessary and FREE to Enter.
Periodic Special Offers and Discounts as well.
How to Join
(Can not be done on Mobil Site)
Go to and Register.
Once you are registered go to the
“Clubs” tab across the top of the page and select “Public Clubs”
Enter “FINS Fantasy Surfer” into the search bar and press “Search”
Select “Join Club” under “Actions” and you are all set!
If you are already Registered the link Below will take you right there.
How to Play
Every Player starts off with a $50,000,000 Salary Cap.
Each surfer in the contest is worth a certain value.
You just select the surfers you will think will do the best at each of the different waves on tour.
The surfers’ value changes based on how well they are doing throughout the season however the cost to you does not change as long as they remain on your team.
You can leave your team the same all season,
use a completely different team for each contest,
or keep a core team and make small adjustments (Probably the best strategy)
Follow @FINS_Fantasy_Surfer and @FINSUSA on Instagram for Info, Alerts, and Specials.

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