Summer Lovin!!!!

It’s been a great summer for us at FINS so far,
and we have our great customers and staff to thank for that.
But, it’s not over!
Everyone knows August is the best summer month.
Don’t believe us? We can prove it!
Let’s start by reminding you that
Augusts’ average temperatures are in the 80’s.
Ocean temperatures are also perfect
and fire flies light up your walkway.
Now, by this time in the summer game
you’ve settled into the daily routine of grilling every meal,
you’ve also come to discover
that ice cream is perfectly acceptable to eat for lunch,
movie nights are every night,
and you forgot how much you love Lemonade.
Have you started planning for International Beer Day on August 5th? Well, you should! HOORAY MON!
But, first on August 3rd make sure you pick up a Watermelon
for National Watermelon Day. 
That wonderful fruit that is totally overlooked but is high in Potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, & Lycopene! WIN!
Mostly, it’s the last month to soak up all the magical glories of summer before it’s back to school
and back to the least leisurely months.
But, not before you absorb a summer glow,
rock out to a show at the Stone Pony Summer Stage,
be thrilled at Six Flags,
and enjoy your family and friends.
And don’t worry, we got your back, because at FINS
“It’s Always Summer On The Inside.”
Join FINS’ Fantasy Surf League!
(Can not be done on Mobil Site)
Register FREE @
Once registered go to the “Clubs” tab and select “Public Clubs”
Search ‘FINS Fantasy Surfer’ into the search bar

Select “Join Club” under “Actions” and you are all set!

How to Play
Every player starts off with a $50,000,000 Salary Cap.
Each surfer in the contest is worth a certain value.
Create a team of surfers you think will do the best at each of the different waves on tour.
Each surfers’ value may change throughout the season based on their performance, however, the cost to you won’t change as long as they remain on your team.
You can leave your team the same all season,
create different team for each contest,
or keep a core team and make small adjustments (suggested strategy)

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