The Luck of the Islands!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us at FINS!
St. Patrick’s Day means it’s almost Spring,
And with the weather we’ve been having
we sure can’t wait for it!
With winter still on our weather reports
we know there is one thing to brighten up your
St. Patty’s feast!
Let FINS bring a little sunshine of the Caribbean and Pacific Islands
to your celebration!
At FINS we’re used to infusing flavors from different Islands,
that’s what makes us unique!
From our islands to yours,
we’re ready to bring you the luck of the Islands.
FINS Fantasy Surf League Starts Again! 
(Can not be done on Mobile Site)
Register FREE @
Register – then go to the “Clubs” tab and select “Public Clubs”
Type ‘FINS Fantasy Surfer’ into the search bar

Select “Join Club” under “Actions” and you are all set!

How to Play
Every player starts off with a $50,000,000 Salary Cap.
Each surfer in the contest is worth a certain value.
Create a team of surfers you think will do the best at each of the different waves on tour.
Each surfers’ value may change throughout the season based on their performance, however, the cost to you won’t change as long as they remain on your team.
You can leave your team the same all season,
create a different team for each contest,
or keep a core team and make small adjustments (suggested strategy)
Follow @FINS_Fantasy_Surfer and @FINSUSA on Instagram for Info, Alerts, and Specials.
Say The Word – Share The Love
$1 FINS Made Turkey Chili or Soup with every $10 purchase!
Upcoming Events
Keep up with your local FINS!
3/17 – St. Patrick’s Day
4/16 – Easter Sunday (FINS Closed)
Show us your Online Review –
Get $5 FINS Bucks to use any time!
 “The burrito was INCREDIBLE. Every single thing I ate in there was great. Guac was one of the best I’ve had as well.”
MAHALO for the awesome TRIP ADVISOR Review!
Free Lunch Winner
Julie Liebman
Call up your local FINS to receive your Free Lunch!
(Up to a $10 value)
Featured Item!
Soft Shell Crab Burrito: 
Corn meal crusted Soft Shell Crab rolled in a flour tortilla w/ crunchy lettuce, avocado, pico, & TropiCali rice, flavored w/ Lime-Cilantro Sauce..
Don’t waste your Sunday
waiting for Monday

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