Did You Know? – Why FINS food is best! Part 1

Do you know why FINS food is best!?

Spring is a time for renewal, growth, & good energy.
That’s why we want to share with you why all of our food at FINS
is good & good for you,
Also, some of the ways we have improved so many of our great menu items and how FINS cares about you and the environment!

FINS uses Harvestland chicken (a Perdue company) that is free range; antibiotic, steroid & hormone free.

We use grass-fed flank steak. It’s tender, lower in fat, & contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 compared to grain fed beef that is higher in fat and omega-6 which is inflammatory.

COD: Alaskan line-caught & chemical free

Both black & Pinto beans are triple-washed to guarantee dirt & rock removal. Most restaurants buy beans by price, but we pay more for the washing.
-All beans & house-made soups are made with gluten free veggie-stock allowing us to keep our soups/beans/rice/sauces vegetarian/vegan friendly.

We use only California fresh packed, citric acid free, all natural, steam peeled (not lye peeled like other brands), pouch packed (no tin = less waste) tomatoes.
-Non wonder our salsa is addicting!

While nothing fried is particularly healthy, we still take the extra step and use NON-GMO Canola Oil.

-Fresh cut Pineapple & Bananas
– IQF (Individual quick-frozen) fruits are frozen within hours of harvest retaining 100% of the products vitamins and antioxident properties
-Natalie’s 100% fresh squeezed OJ & Lime Juice
-Acai & Pitaya: no sugar added, organic, raw, anti-imflamitory, anti-oxident, omega-3, high fiber and NON-GMO Project varified super foods!

These items are just part of the story. Stay tuned for more “Do You Know Why?” FINS food is better!!!

FINS Fantasy Surf League STARTED!
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Type ‘FINS Fantasy Surfer’ into the search bar
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How to Play
Every player starts off with a $50,000,000 Salary Cap.
Each surfer in the contest is worth a certain value.
Create a team of surfers you think will do the best at each of the different waves on tour.
Each surfers’ value may change throughout the season based on their performance, however, the cost to you won’t change as long as they remain on your team.

You can leave your team the same all season,
create a different team for each contest,
or keep a core team and make small adjustments (suggested strategy)

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Featured Item!

Sushi Tuna Wrap:

Pepper Tuna seared rare & chilled, rolled in a Thai Ginger tortilla w/ wasabi slaw, seaweed salad, avocado, Power Greens & crunchy jalapeno straws.
Don’t waste your Sunday
waiting for Monday…


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