Origin of the S-Turns, All about FINS chicken and MORE!

Our S-turns Burrito is loaded with Coconut battered white-fish, Grilled Pineapple, Black Beans, Our secret blend of cheeses and Sriracha Sauce! But where did it get it’s name? Read more below to find out!

S-Turns Origin!

This wave has been an object of media attention in recent years, and parallels have been drawn with famous beach breaks like Hossegor. Similarities exist, like top-to-bottom heavy barrels breaking close to the beach. But all the hype has resulted in serious overcrowding at one spot in the middle of a long stretch of quality waves. As a result, with Rodanthe Pier not working, this place is a mob scene. Best on S swells with lower tides, if it’s small, high tide will kill it. Heavy paddle-outs with strong drift when it’s big. The free roadside parking can trap the careless in the abundant soft sand.

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