About FINS

With 3 locations: Bradley Beach, Sea Girt, & Point Pleasant, owned and operated by Shawn Ryan (Johnson & Wales University) & Pat Cuozzo (Culinary Institute of America) FINS had been bringing BIG TropiCali flavor to everyone along the beautiful Jersey Shore since 2003 with the opening of our Bradley Beach Location! Our menu is made fresh, to order, with high quality ingredients in a fast-casual, surf inspired atmosphere.  Our menu is big enough for everyone to enjoy.  Plus, it’s innovative, family friendly, and our top-notch customer service keeps you coming back again, and again!

Quality products we use that make our food better:

– California fresh packed tomatoes for our salsa. They are Citric acid-free, all natural, steam peeled (not lye peeled), and pouched packed so there is no tin flavor and a 1/6 of the waste.

– Harvestland® Chicken Tenders: antibiotic & hormone free

-Fresh Produce Daily

– Australian, Grass-fed Flank steak

– Alaskan Cod, line-caught & chemical free.

– Pulled Pork is hickory and applewood smoked with only 1 ingredient, salt. (Nitrite Free)

– Non-GMO & Non-Trans Fat canola cooking oil

– FINS brown rice is a high premium brand – proudly cooking Uncle Ben’s®.

– Triple washed Black and Pinto Beans to guarantee removal of all rocks and dirt. Most restaurants buy beans by the price, our beans, because of the triple washing, are a higher quality and cost.

– We use a tapioca thickener for most of our house made sauces, which makes them Gluten Free & Paleo friendly!

– We also use only gluten-free Knorr’s® vegetable stock, allowing us to keep all of our house made soups, sauces, rice, and beans vegetarian friendly.

– Our Tempura batter and crumbs have been the same brand since day one; containing no egg or dairy so we can serve our famous hand breaded Chicken Fingers to children and adults with allergies.

– Smoothie Fruit: Fresh Bananas. All others are Individually Quick Frozen within hours of harvest retaining 100% of the products vitamins & antioxidant properties. (No added sugar)

– Acai & Pitaya: both no sugar added, organic, raw, and Non-GMO Project verified.

–  100% Lulo & Passionfruit juices

– 100% fresh squeezed: orange juice & Natalie’s lime juice.

– Peanut Butter & Co Smooth Operator ® peanut butter, which contains lower amounts of pure cane sugar, no hydrogenated oils, Green Palm Sustainability (palm oil), Non-GMO Project verified, Gluten Free, and Certified Vegan.

– Hershey® Simple 5 Chocolate Syrup; only 5 ingredients, nothing artificial, NO High Fructose Corn Syrup, Non-GMO Project verified, & Gluten Free.

Our Environment:

FINS also uses many environmentally friendly & sustainable products because WE CARE about our earth and our oceans & waterways.

– Greenware® drink cups – Made from Corn & Biodegradable
– Fabri-Kal® NuWare™ 100% Compostable take-out containers & plates – Manufactured in the USA using 100% local resources. Made from Sugar Cane.
– Compostable take-out bowls, made from plant pulp w/ a recyclable lid.
– Paper Straws & HAY! Straws
– New Straw-less cup lids
– Dsack The Green Bag by Earthsense Products®. Made with OXO-Elite to help them degrade like paper bags. Dsack can break down in 12 to 60 months under the proper conditions of light, moisture, and heat in accordance with ASTM 6954. Regular plastic bags take 30 years.

Our Community:

At FINS, and as a part of the FINS team, we do our part to give back to the community.  Whether we volunteer to plant dunes after a big storm to protect our shores and shore animals; donate part of our tips to the Jersey Shore Rescue Mission for Thanksgiving meals; host a family in need for Christmas; or donate gift baskets to the various charities and schools in our community, FINS lets you know that we care!