What is a FINS Team Sponsor? 

We choose our sponsors based on the participation in the community! These are amazing young leaders that give a beautiful impact to their community and have a deep passion for what they do!  FINS stands by to support them to their fullest potential! MAHALO Sponsors! 

Wayne, 7

Wayne began his sponsorship with us in 2021, he is now going into 4th grade. He loves soccer & skateboarding! Has a yellow belt in Taekwondo. Just like any kid he loves chocolate ice cream, with more chocolate! Wayne has an amazing passion and talent for skateboarding which shows in his commitment! You will find him in the skatepark trying for new skills with his giant smile! He’s a fierce competitor with a kind heart. We are so happy to get to watch Wayne's journey and see him grow!

Favorite menu item: Bean & Cheese Burrito OR Grom Taco! 

Carly Coble,18

Meet Carly Coble, a competitive surfer from Manasquan and recent graduate from Manasquan High School. Carly will be attending Point Loma Nazarene University in the Fall majoring in Applied Health Science. Carly hosted her second annual The Girls Surf Classic, which this year, raised money for the Ryan Shazier Fund for Spinal Rehabilitation. She is also featured in the upcoming Riding the Rhythms film, which showcases some NJ female surfers and skaters, and will be premiered on August 17th.Overal, FINS has watched her grow into such a great mentor in the Surf community and we are so honored to be  a part her journey. Carly, you are a true leader and we love watching you grow! 

Favorite Menu Item: Jaco Salad and Flyn’ Hawaiian.

Kyle "Chompy" Jones, 25

Kyle has been skateboarding for over 15 years now, and currently skates for Pro Skateboard Shop of Belmar and teaches skate lessons to the youth! As Kyle says, "whenever there is a new kid at a skatepark I always remember how scary it is to come into a park with a bunch of older guys skating really fast and not paying too much to you. I always welcome and give a few tips to the younger ones because maybe if I show him a few things".It is an amazing community and I wouldn’t want to be a part of any other community! Currently,  he is doing  a lot behind the scenes for the new up and coming Belmar skatepark. Kyle plays a big role for the younger generation of skaters! We love the work you do, thanks Kyle! 

Favorite Menu Item: Quesadilla!